Forget The Gym, Join The Circus

Did you know that getting in shape can be fun?! I know, it sounds too good to be true, but we’re here to prove you wrong! Let’s put it into perspective:

You could spend 1 hour in a workout class, getting yelled at, sweating and focusing on ‘the burn’ to hit stats on your Apple Watch or…

You could spend an hour with your friends, dancing, laughing and celebrating your inner divine dancer and STILL burn plenty of calories an hour!

Which would you choose?

Sure, we’re partial to enjoying ourselves, but that comes from a few core values that Groovolution Dance Studio upholds in all of our classes. 

1) Self Love:

We don’t discriminate here! We believe that everybody is a dancer, and it just takes a bit of courage, a sprinkle of encouragement, and a heap of great instruction to bring that out! Dance is for every body, gender, age, and ability. This is a safe space to come and learn how to love and appreciate the body you’re in. Safety is our number one priority, and every teacher at Groovolution is equipped to give one-on-one instruction to ensure that you’re completing exercises efficiently and mindfully. Our goal is to help you get more in touch with the skin that you’re in, enjoy moving freely and learn techniques that will build confidence and character in all areas of your life.

2) Self Discipline:

If you want to do more, by all means, do more! One of the most satisfying things about learning to dance well is watching yourself improve, mastering new techniques and expanding your movement vocabulary. Our teachers will work with you individually to address the areas that you want to grow in, and help you become the dancer you’ve always dreamed of becoming. While you may take only a few group classes a week with us, further training is available in individual sessions, through Skype private sessions, or during frequent workshops to help you develop more skills in the art form of your choice. Practice makes perfect, and every teacher with us can recommend a regimented training plan to help you get to the next level in the style of your choosing.

3) Self-Development:

There is an artist in all of us, and it takes cultivation to awaken your creativity and inspiration! The mind is a muscle that you can train to enhance your memory, creativity, neuro-plasticity, and pathways. It’s scientifically proven that dance does all of this, and so much more. (Don’t believe us? Check out Harvard’s recent study on Dancing and the Brain here.)  Our students range from professional entertainers to hobbyists, but the benefits of dancing extend to everyone! Not only is dance wonderful for your mind, it can be an incredible confidence boost too. Our students are given the chance to perform in student showcases, seminars and hafflas around South Florida, which teaches them the art of performance and dedication to their craft and personal growth. Whether you work in an office, or on an oil rig, the leadership skills, self-discipline, and poise that you learn from dance will stick with you for a lifetime. We guarantee you will be better off than when you started!

All that’s left to do is sign up for a class this week! Check out our weekly schedule here, complete with daytime offerings, night classes and weekend workshops to best fit your schedule. Not seeing anything that you’re able to attend? Reach out to our studio manager to request a private lesson with one of our world class instructors here.